Our Team


Thomas Mirabella
Chief Executive Officer

Our visionary leader and the driving force behind North Node Strategic Planning, Tom, brings 20 years of professional experience to the table. His career path began at Cablevision (AlticeUSA) and Verizon, before he created and built Wingman Planning, a digital marketing agency. Wingman Planning launched in 2009, aiding small businesses on Long Island, and grew to acquire clients across the U.S. The company has expanded rapidly, adding staff in several disciplines to accommodate client demand. Wingman Planning now provides digital marketing services for over 450+ businesses in NY, NJ, CA, MD, FL, IL, and NC. As an avid investor in multiple businesses, Tom has also offered consultative services to many of these companies, in some cases, strategizing and partaking in crucial decision-making about their company’s successes and helping to develop them into leaders in their industries.



Chelsea Ryan
Chief Operating Officer

As the head of operations, Chelsea brings order to the chaos of large scale creative endeavors at North Node Strategic Planning. Her professional body of work includes methodical branding for businesses, offering insight and deliberate decision making, and ensuring all planning takes place in the most efficient manner to yield the best results. Her passion for business, planning, design, and marketing makes her a standout at Wingman Planning, where she’s worked for the past three years. Here she has continually ascended the ranks with promotions from administrator to COO in such a short time. Additionally, she brings to the table a modern aesthetic, that speaks to today’s consumers, as well as fresh ideas and strategies for business growth and success.


Jamie Gerhartz
Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, Jamie ensures projects are completed with a high degree of precision and efficiency. Her research and organizational skills help guarantee thorough understanding among the team and clients, especially within our databases. Having obtained a degree in Journalism, Jamie uses her creativity and passion for writing to create engaging campaigns geared towards a specific audience, as well as prepare detailed reports for our clients. By prioritizing and using the best resources, Jamie strives to keep clients as informed as possible while simultaneously helping them grow.